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Gas and Boiler Leaks

Your boiler and the entire central heating system remains your close friend until it breaks down when you need it the most. Apart from the inconveniences of having a cold home, gas and boiler leaks can be very dangerous if not detected and repaired in a timely manner. Whether your boiler is leaking gas or dripping water, something must be wrong and need to be checked and rectified. Inhaling natural gas can be harmful to your health and if gas leaks go unnoticed and stopped for a long period of time, it can cause fatal effects like dire explosion. It is very hard to identify and stop gas and boiler leaks and it takes the skills of qualified gas engineers to quickly diagnose boiler leaks. Gas and boiler Leaks Bradford offers faster leaks detection and repairs using modern tools and detection techniques. All our engineers have been trained and certified to offer safe gas and boiler leaks repairs and they are ready to serve you at every time of need.

There are some signs that show possibilities of gas leaks that you can observe without professional gas engineering skills:

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Symptoms – If you experience dizziness, stomach pains, fatigue, breathing difficulties or confusion, it can be as result of gas leaks and you need to contact our gas and boiler leaks experts near you to verify this and determine the cause of the leaks.
  • Rotten Eggs Smell – Natural gas has no smell but some supplies mix the natural gas with a chemical that gives the gas a sulphur (rotten egg) smell. This can be a clear indication of gas leaks.
  • Hissing/ Whistling Sound – This could be a sign of a major gas leak and you need to open windows, free from the building and call our local-based gas safe heating engineers to identify the source of the leak and repair your boiler or central heating system immediately.
  • Other Indicators – Include; roasted/ black stained areas on the boiler, yellow flames, continuous blowing out of the pilot light, condensation is higher than normal.

Eco Efficient Gas and Boiler Leaks Services

To be safe, it is important to have your boiler serviced regularly to identify leaks among other defaults. Our boiler servicing helps in timely detection of possible causes of boiler leaks and carry’s out preventive measures. If minor gas and boiler leaks are detected, our experts will repair the fault immediately to keep your home safe. Also if you notice any of the above gas and boiler leaks signs, call us immediately and we will send our engineers immediately to arrest the situation.

Our gas and boiler leaks Bradford involves the use of modern gas analysers and detection tools to confirm whether the signs are a result of gas leaks, and to determine the source of the leaks and take the necessary actions. Our engineers will conduct a comprehensive inspection and repair of faulty pipes connections, damaged valves or pumps, pressure valves, temperature valves, corrosion on any part of the boiler and broken seals including parts replacements.

Take advantage of our quality and affordable boiler repairs to keep your home heated and safe at all times. Talk to us today.

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