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Central Heating Installation

A good central heating is the heart of every warm home and one of the most valued appliances in every home.Our gas safe central heating installation Bradford engineers are able to quickly fit a wide variety of central heating systems including the modern biomass central heating, conduct gas safe checks and offer gas-safe certificates. We offer the most reliable central heating installation services covering the whole of Bradford city and its immediate neighbourhood; Keighley, Thornton, Pudsey, Shipley and Bingley areas. With over 10 years’ experience and constantly updating our experts with new central heating trends and technology, we offer top-class central heating installation services, commercial gas checks and gas safe certificates.

What Makes Us The Region Best?

Professional Engineers – The whole central installation process is done by fully qualified and experienced gas safe heating engineers selected from among the best in the region. Our engineers walk with you through purchasing of quality central heating brands and offer professional advice to enable your smooth and timely decision making. We train our engineers on emerging central heating technologies to ensure central heating installation that save you money and give you total comfort.

Gas Safe Accredited –Eco Efficient has been vetted by relevant authorities, licensed and gas safe recognized for all domestic and commercial central heating installations so you can feel secure when we are serving you. On average, we install over 1, 000 central heating systems annually and our customers include private homeowners, realtors, landlords and property managers among others. Our customers are always happy and our quality is guaranteed.

Variety – We provide comprehensive central heating designs, installation and servicing and we have experience in installing all types of energy efficient central heating in different property sizes and types. We also advice our customers on the best way to choose a central heating system for their property, that matches with their budget. All our central heating installations are carried out by a team of gas safe engineers to meet local and international gas and building regulations, and we give out a complete benchmark card upon completion of every installation.

World Class Customer Service – Our customers are our most valued asset and all our staffs have quality customer service skills. You will be served by polite and friendly engineers who will update you on every progress and offer free advice that will save you money and time. Our engineers also do a post-installation follow up to ensure that the installed system is in perfect condition.

Save Your Cost and Improve Your Home Value

If you are building a home for sale or reselling your old home, the quality of the central heating can be a good selling point. Home buyers consider energy efficient central heating to avoid paying high energy bills. A buyer will also be keen to buy a property with a working central heating with a clean fault record and with a warranty to avoid near future repair costs. Before listing you home, it is good to first check the condition of the heating system and replace it if necessary. You should also upgrade your less energy efficient central heating with a modern central heating with low energy consumption.

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