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Boiler Repairs

Your boiler is mostly needed to heat your home during the winter season. It can be really stressful to endure winter weather without a functional boiler heating your home. Unfortunate, your boiler is more likely to breakdown during winter than any other time of the year. Statistics shows that every year, a higher number of faulty boilers both domestic and commercial are recorded during winter in comparison to other seasons. This could be probably due to the increased workload commanded by the chilly weather. However, in case of any boiler breakdown or inefficiencies, Eco Efficient engineers are ready to help you to instantly restore your home warmth and safety.

Signs of a Dodgy Boiler

In most cases, it is tricky to identify an issue with your household boiler and it only requires qualified engineers with special tools to detect such problems. Our boiler repairs Bradford will identify the real cause of any fault and repair it within the shortest time possible. Also any fault identified during the annual or emergency boiler servicing, however minor it may seem, need to be repaired immediately. However there are instances when you can tell when your boiler is not working. The most pronounced sign of a faulty boiler is obvious if the heat is not coming out which could be a result of defect that started long ago but went undetected. Other signs to look for include:

  • Yellow or orange flames.
  • Boiler pressure – Too high pressure for a long period of time or sudden rising or falling of boiler pressure.
  • Ticking sounds when the boiler is starting.
  • Switching off of the pilot light.
  • Smoke or stains observed on any part of the boiler.
  • Too high energy bill which is a sign that your boiler is consuming more energy than normal.

What to Do?

The biggest challenge with a faulty boiler situation is to find a reliable, affordable and available boiler engineer who can respond quickly and sort the problem from its source. Avoid wastage of time and too many calls. Our boiler repairs Bradford engineers are reachable within a single call and they are already near you and are available on 24-7 basis. Call us now and you will have a team working to restore your boiler within minutes. We have a strong network of local engineers, skilled and gas safe proficient serving the wider Bradford regions of Shipley, Keighley,Pudsey, Bingley, and Thornton area.

Whenever you notice any sign indicating that your boiler is not working properly, contact us and we will offer immediate help. You can talk to our technical help desk directly or book an appointment. We will deploy a team of experts fully equipped with the latest tools and safety gears to extensively inspect any issue to do with any boiler repairs. We understand how much a boiler means to you and your family and even the discomfort of living around the faulty boiler, so we respond quickly even in non-emergency situations to arrest any potential damages.

Our boiler repairs involve leaking and dripping repairs, pressure adjustments, thermostat issues, airlocks replacement, valve failures, pump failures and frozen condensate pipe issues among others. Call us today!

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